Saturday, January 28, 2012

masterchef Kelana Jaya!

today i decided to cook lunch because my brother Idzhar will be heading back to the United States tomorrow and his request was for me to cook this! One of my favourite dish to cook...

Lemak Cili Api Crab! its a family favourite. everyone of us knows how to cook this although i have to say today's lemak cili api wasn't spicy enough, which was weird because i had put 13 cili padi, 1 red and green chilli in it?! Ok la, i normally put 15 but i thought by putting red and green chilli it will compensate the remaining 2 cili padi....and so, i was wrong. oh well, it still tasted GOOOOD if i do say so myself!

it was quite a crazy day for me. early morning at 2, i had to accompany a friend to send a friend to the airport. she was going to cambodia with ther family. just before that, i had a meeting with another friend which ended at 1230am. so i only had an hour sleep. after coming back from the airport, i managed to get 2 hours of shut eyes before heading out again to CHOW KIT ROAD to do marketing (talk about old school-not cold storage or village/jaya grocer yo!). so i was like half zombified when i was there to look for crabs and fish and's been a while since i last went to chow kit. when i was in school, my parents used to get my brother and i to follow them to do marketing every sunday. we would get our feet and clothes dirty and not forgetting coming out from the market smelling like a dead fish! my parents would introduce us to their "people", so they would say, "ok this is where we buy our chicken and meat, if you want to buy crabs, this person here has the best price and for vegetables you go to this aunty here....." and so on and so forth.  then as soon as i got my driving license, everything changed. my brother and i was given responsibilities to go to the market every sunday without them! it was quite an adventure! hahahahahah of course i'm very grateful and thankful to my parents for doing what they did because now i have an extra advantage.

nowadays, its hard for you to hear a modern girl say "yea i go to the market to buy groceries for the house" or "yes i do know how to cook a meal". we are more focused on other things such as work, play, holiday and most of us eat out most of the time. well, maybe after MasterChef people are starting to change their ways???. besides making us go to the market, they also made us cook every sunday. my late mother said she wanted all her children to be an all-rounder, and that includes knowing how to cook for our wives and husbands. :)

i started cooking quite early because lunch had to be served before the Friday prayers. got my ingredients ready...

and im ready to cook! and yes, i haven't slept yet... straight to the kitchen after marketing....

the menu besides the crabs were fish in soy sauce and fried vegetables...

simple yet satisfying! YUMMEH!! bom apetitie!!

might cook again tomorrow too..

i hope you had a great a lunch and dinner just like i did... remember to always drink lotsa of water ok! :P

love, me.

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