Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreamgirls DinDin

so yesterday i orgnized a dinner with the cast of the Dreamgirls. invitation was fired on twitter and was hoping a lot of people could make it but not many responded to the tweet except for Rydee, Dina, Alia and's ok ( their loss :p) we had fun anyway, more personal.. :)

we had johnny's steamboat at one utama...YUMMEH! i just love the chili dip served there. johnny's steamboat was my late mother's favourite place. i used to remember how she would make me go to the waiter and ask them to pack the chili dip! it was so embarrassing but i did it anyway. :p 

we had a lovely time there, just the 5 of us and mind you we ate so so much! the usual things happened like gossipping and catching up with everyone. i had a picture taken but right now i cant upload it coz i dont know why im not able to open my iphoto (very very annoyed). once im able to i will put it up ok!

after a wonderful dinner and catch up session, dina took us to her friends' coffee place in taman tun to have desserts called mukha...OMG the cakes that we had was to die for! we had hazelnut chocolate brownie..i think also known as the "aaaaa" cake! hahah, and we had super chocolate cake mud pie ala mode! OMG! i can actually still taste the goodness of them! im sorry for not taking the pictures of the desserts coz i was to immersed in the whole experience while indulging the chocolatie goodness! AARRRRRHHHH SEDAP sure you're thinking it must be super duper sweet, but surprisingly it's not! it is just right! Garsh, just writing this makes me drool and craving for more!

mukha was a good ending to a good night, our next girlie session will be a day of mani and pedi. cant wait! hehehehe

love, me.

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  1. I can't wait either!! Weeeeee!!!! I always have fun with you girls! :)))