Monday, April 29, 2013


im a strong believer of working out to get in shape. i believe that one should sweat it out to remove all the toxin in the body and produce more endorphins to make you and your body feel good.

capoeira camara malaysia

                                                                   brazilian jiujitsu

i have been active since the day i can remember. i was a given the title "sportswoman of the year" for 2 consecutive years when i was in school. my life has always been associated with fitness. it runs in the family. my family would spend our free time to look for waterfalls, play badminton and tennis, trekking, play basketball and etc. anything that will make us sweat. thats how we are and that's also how we bond.

                                         1 of the exercises done in capoeira to build strength

                                                              its the human wheel

recently i was given a bottle of slimming pill to be tested out, and honestly i did not see any difference on me. maybe its because im so used to seeing me the way i am and i consider myself quite slim. so seriously, i look the same to me. it probably will work differently on another person with different lifestyle....maybe. but for me, i already live in a healthy an active lifestyle so taking pills to keep me slim is something that is not in my books.

i want to say that there is no shortcuts to slimming/losing weight/get in shape. it all takes hard work. i don't believe in all these products that supposedly will help you lose weight without even  sweating it out. if someone looks slim without working out, you should ask if they are eating right or are they dieting? or they are just blessed with awesome bodies :). there are so many levels of dieting, you just need to know that whatever you do is not detrimental to your body and health. just make sure you dont skip your meals! knowing your BMI is also important to lead a healthy life.

                                                  he is our youngest student - 8 years old

                                                playing instruments is part of capoeira

but of course there are so many other ways to keep yourself healthy and fit. find something that you really like doing. do it with a bunch of friends because its more fun!

so i hope you will adopt a healthy lifestyle and get your body to sweat. if you want do capoeira like me, you can come to CABOCO STUDIO, 16-1 BLOCK B, ZENITH CORPORATE PARK, NO.1 JALAN SS7/26 KELANA JAYA (behind Paradigm Mall). for more info you can call 016 9711765

 and of course, dont forget to drink loads of water!

luv, me.