Friday, November 30, 2012

nike+ fuelband

so just a couple of days ago, i met up with the NikeMY peeps just to catch up and get my remaining goodies from them. this new gadget i got is the best thing ever! it's called the nike+ fuelband.

why do i say it's awesome because, you don't really have to get into serious running/ or exercise mode initially. just charge the band, put it on and watch how your every move is recorded! and then from that, naturally you would want to do MORE and really get into exercising.

this fuelband lets you do any activities, from walking to lifting bags, to running, tennis, boxing, climbing the stairs, heck ANYTHING AT ALL! it records your calories, steps, fuel, and it also acts like a watch. in fact i turned my fuelband into my everyday accessory :)

you get to set an everyday goal. you will try to reach it and once you hit your goal, the excitement doesn't just stop there, you'd want to out-do yourself and set a higher goal! in a way it's like a personal cheerleader and motivator (in my opinion).

                                                                set up your device

                                                                 first time trying it out

                                              almost reaching my goal 2K not even half a day!

                           fuelly gives you a victory dance when you've reached your goal!

                                           day 2 of wearing the fuelband in just 1 1/2 hours

it looks awesome and cool right??? i really love this. slowly but surely when my knee is strong enough, i will increase my goal, work out harder and win trophies and see different dances from fuelly!

love, me.

Monday, November 5, 2012

post MRI...

so after doing the MRI, the results came back and it showed that i have a "partial patellar tendon tear". it tendon just below the knee-cap has a partial tear. thank mickey its not a major thing. all i needed was a cast. but me being me..i avoided it because it was gonna restrict my movements (duh! thats why its supposed to be casted).

i ended up not using the cast, but i made sure i didn't put pressure on my right knee. the doctor said it's ok, i just need to continue with my physio and after about a month from i can slowly start with light jogging. as for my scars, it's ugly! but im putting mederma for now.

to be honest, i really cannot wait to start playing again!

love, me.