Monday, June 11, 2012

Our first singing gig

it has been in our plan to make something different this year (2012). my sister and i have had this plan of marketing me as a singing emcee, of course my nieces will be included simply because they have beautfiul voices.

believe or not, on the 7th of June, we did our debut performance at a very big event (as i would like to say it) because it's a charity event. its called the "Make A Wish Charity Golf Tournament", mostly attended and participated by expats. thanks to my bff Chelsia Ng we got to perform as a trio! actually, chelsia was suppose to perform that night but due to her tight shooting schedule, she had pass it on to me.

                                                                the wealthy guests

sound check was done early in the morning and everything was good. the night came, i rushed straight from the office to KLGCC, got changed there. tasha, thira and i were so excited and nervous at the same time because we're not just singing 1 song but 4 songs! we did perform once at the Berjaya Founders Day last year in berjaya times square, that was nerve-wrecking but that was only 1 song for me and 1 song for the girls.

anyway, the emcee announced our names to perform, and when we got out there, after introducing and bla bla bla, the song did not play!! yea, somtimes that happened but normally it'll only take about a few seconds for it to play again. but no! thank goodness for my experience of being an emcee (ehem ehem), i managed to stall the crowd and did whatever it took to save the embarrassement. but..guess what, we were told that the cd was stuck in the player and it wouldn't come out. so we had to leave the stage and the they had to continue with the next thing in line which was the awards ceremony.

i was ready not to perform because the technician was still trying to get the cd out of the player and in the end, he had to dismantle it. it took 15 minutes and in the end, we became the closing performance. phew!

talk about madness! already we were nervous...had to stand on stage for 5 minutes with of stage and after 20 minutes, we got to perform.

                                                                          the stage!

but with all that madness, we managed to blow them away! everybody was so impressed by us, and commented that they had never heard voices like ours and one man came up to us and said he wanted to manage us and make us famous all over the world! hahahaha my neices got excited of course, and of course they were the bigger stars!

hoping to have more gigs like this...and paying ones too! hehehe

                                                                    thira, azura, tasha

yes i can hear you asking "where's the video of the performance??"....well, we do have a recording of it BUT i cannot find the cables that's attached to the dv camera to the i cant transfer the videos out! :( but once i figure out how to do it, i will put it up on my youtube page! its azurazainal1 okay!

you can also check it out at my fb page, azura zainal "). thanks!

love, me.