Thursday, May 17, 2012

MMRC 2012

MMRC stands for Malaysia Match Racing Circuit 2012. i was asked to do 5 episodes of this program, as you may have already know, it is a sailing competition in Malaysia. the difference between "Match Racing" and "Fleet Racing", 'match racing' involves 2 yatchs racing like cat and mouse and are able to give penalties to the opponent where as 'fleet racing' is when you see a huge number of sail-boats racing in the open sea, just like on tv. seriously, i should already enroll myself to a sailing school after 3 years of emcee-ing the Monsoon Cup!

the reason mmrc was established is to give our local sailors a platform to compete and gain experience and eventually mould and be as good as the international sailors. previously, the only way our sailors were able to compete in the monsoon cup was through a wild card entry via Asian Match Racing Circuit.

in mmrc, the skipppers will compete in 3 circuits and collect points and the team with the most points will be competing in monsoon cup 2012 in Pulau Duyong Terengganu.

after years of discussion and meetings finally MYA (malaysian yacthing association) and T-Best Events came to a common platform and decided that mmrc is needed to push our sailors to be the best at their event.

so,where i come in is to give insights and report of the mmrc. the first location for the mmrc was in TLDM Teluk Muroh, Lumut, Perak (11-13 may). i had never driven to Lumut before so my sister and i decided to leave early on Saturday and take a nice drive there. i used to think going to Lumut was FAR! but its almost as far as Penang, but not really, maybe an hour less to get to Lumut.

anyway, got there and started with my shoot. it was really nice to see the skippers like Jeremy Khoo, Hazwan Hazim, Masyuri and their teams just to name a few. i got to know them from monsoon cup and they are all really nice bunch of people.

MMRC Skippers

there are 7 teams which 3 of them are from the Royal Malaysian Navy Match Racing Team. The other 4 are Koo Racing Team, Permai Hotel Match Racing, Setia West Marine and Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing Team. 

the 1st circuit is done and Jeremy Koo came out on top and managed to collect 25 points. all the skippers have a history with one another and each one of them are vying for the title of mmrc champion thus compete in the world class sailing competition which is the monsoon cup. 

here are the list of skippers and their teams in the mmrc for you to look out for :-

1) Jeremy Koo - Koo Racing Team
2) Hazwan Hazim - Permai Hotel Match Racing
3) Nurul Ain - Ri-Yaz Heritage Sailing team
4) Masyuri - Royal Malaysian Navy Match Racing Team 1
5) Rizal Mahadi - Setia West Marine
6) Harisfabillah - Royal Malaysian Navy Match Racing Team 3
7) Nik Ashraf - Royal Malaysian Navy Match Racing Team 2

next stop, Pulau Indah, Selangor from the 29 June till 1st July. you know what, you are more than welcome to come and watch!! come by and maybe we could meet and who knows maybe this could interest you in the sailing world! :P

love, me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Ultrabook #Intel Core i7

i got the new ultrabook with intel core i7 inside and man its awesome. i like the fact that its light so its easy for me to take it anywhere, it weighs less than 1.5kg! perfect whenever i go for my shoot especially when i go and do my travel/adventure show x-plorasi.

it turns on really quick, less than 20 secs (i actually counted hehehe) and whenever it goes to "sleep", you can wake it up in approximately 5 seconds! now that's important when you're in a rush to present/show something to people.

i also took it in the studio at RED fm. 1 thing i noticed about the ultrabook is that, the battery life is not long enough. if you were to use straight for 3 hours (without using the charger), you will be sure to have 4-5% of battery left BUT it's not the end of the world when that happens. i mean you have to remember that it is different from your "normal" laptop, i dont think its meant for you to work on it for long straight hours. i thinks its more for presentations and as a quick working tool that has a powerful engine to it.

look at it!! it's so sleek and sexy! heheheheh

just so you know,  im just a simple user who keeps photos and maybe do a bit of editing here and there and so i dont have any qualms with this ultrabook.  to me, it fits with what i do and also helps me create a faster presentation :P

love, me.