Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i know my birthday was like a week ago but i feel like sharing with you about the surprise my sister and a friend did for me. after work, on my birthday, i was taken to TGIF in Sunway Pyramid. since it was my birthday i guess i was allowed to order anything. im a small eater, so that day i decided to order a steak! besides i haven't had them since forever, only because im too lazy to eat it...because i always get too tired to chew the meat! it's always a task for me to eat a piece of steak...sigh.

so did i finish the steak this time you might ask?? YES I DID!! well i kinda kept feeding my friend some of my steak. hehehe but i did finish it. my plate was clean! and oopps! i forgot to take a picture! and after the lovely meal, i was given a big bowl of ice cream from TGIF!


before we left the restaurant, the staff at TGIF did their usual cheer and what surprised me was they knew my name! i didn't even tell them my name!!

 the girls were so sweet...but of course all of them were fan's of Disney Buzz!! duuuh?!

                                                  yes, that's me feeling very shy :P

the next day went by as normal. went to work at Redfm and after that, my sister took me out on a special dinner date. it was really nice. we went to Garibaldi restaurant in bangsar. it was an all girls dinner but unfortunately my younger sister couldn't join us because she had to work in KLIA. so it was just my sister, nadia and i at dinner.

when i got there, i had asked for reservations under my sisters' name but the waitress said "ah yes, for 10 people". i was like, wait a minute...10 people? i don't think so? i called my sister and asked, the restaurant was actually on the upper level. D'OH!

we all had different meals, i remembered having the cod fish and dang it was yummy. we had a good dinner and conversations.  the chef actually came out to give me a special treat and to wish me happy birthday..

it was really nice to just go out with only girls and not have guys around. while we were waiting for our bill to come, from out of nowhere, the boys came!!! they walked in with a birthday song and i got embarrassed! i was surprised no doubt, but shy because the place where we had dinner was very quite!

so it was all planned!! and remember the "table for 10" reservation?? yea, it was actually the correct reservation but only for the after dinner party!

we went down to the bar, and i was so touched when my family, including DJ Nadji at Gari Bar sang a birthday song and the cake on the table was home-made, baked by nadia... she made 3 strawberry cheese-cakes! i gave 1 to the waiters and waitresses at the bar.

and so the party began and what i love about the place that night, there was nobody there!! we hogged the dance floor and we managed to do our silly dance moves, music video moves and break-dance moves! couldn't take that many photos coz i was too busy having sooo much fun! hahaha, but here are some anyways..

                                                  crazy moves that only we can do :p

and i was so happy coz my baby brother joined in the fun. he has been so busy studying for his exams to be a pilot with MAS, so to see him there made me feel special :)

                                                                  my baby brother

                                                     the four siblings out of seven

here are the gifts i received from my family! :P

                                                                     from kak ina
                                                                      from nadia

                                                                      from cris


luv, me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

february is a happy month for me...its been quite hectic. firstly, i started my job with RED fm in this month. secondly, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! woohoo! hehehehe

birthdays are quite quiet for me and my family...yes we do celebrate it but its only just amongst us. every time when its someone's birthday the whole bunch of us would gather and go out for dinner. when we were kids, KFC was THE spot! if you remember, in subang there used to be a kfc at the corner headed towards the federal highway?? yea! that kfc had the best playground, it had an aero-plane for a  slide and my brother and i including my cousins would hog that slide and pretended we were the pilots and acted as if we were gonna crash and stuff..ahhh the good old times..i miss my childhood.

throughout the day (22/2) i had been receiving a lot of birthday messages on fb, twitter and sms. i always get emotional when that happens coz i never got used to the fact that people would take their time to bother to wish me a happy birthday. earlier that day i tried my hardest to reply to every birthday message i could before i went to work but i had to put the white flag out coz the message kept pouring in!! so im sorry if i didn't manage to reply to every single one of you but i do wanna say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all the love!

my first birthday gift was a bouquet of flowers that was sent personally to my home at 6.50am! and the second gift i got was from Terry. it was so sweet of him to go out of his way to get me something considering i've only known him for 7 days! he got me this..

                                                                      hmm flowers...

                                                                    Kiehls Lip Gloss

i couldn't stop smiling...and i was a happy camper :p

                                      playing around after The Red Fix with Mynn & Fiqrie


luv, me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back to Button Badges!

yesterday was my 6th day on air on The Red Fix. I had a lot of fun coz i think Terry and I are getting along just fine, eventhough i still have not said the "L" word to him. and he will not give up to try and make me say it (FYI). when i came to the studio, Linora had all these trinkets and loads of button badges. she had gotten it from a Bazaar and she was going to give it away as prizes on her show from 1pm-4pm. AWESOME!

according to Linora, the button badges were all hand-made! it had a lot of cute and funny messages on it. like mine says "if being awesome was a crime, i'd be serving a life sentence". it seems, i say "awesome" quite a fair bit on air! and i didnt even realize it! hehehehe well, as long as its really awesome then its fine i guess?? or should i already create a new word of my own? :P



luv, me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Day-REDfm

so on Monday 13 Feb 2012 was my first day on the job with Terry on The Red Fix and it went pretty well :p. although we were striken by the sad news of Whitney Houston's passing on Sunday, we still managed to make it a fun show.  3 big things happened on Monday, the new line-up, whitney's death and the grammy's!! i was a bit worried to be honest, on how we can balance all 3 topics in our short slot..for now. but thanks to Terry's experience, he guided me through all the way.

there's so much for me to learn, especially on panelling. like i said, i have done radio before but im only human to forget on how to use the machines they say, practise makes perfect. i am kinda getting the hang of it, it's slowly coming back to me now *sing like celine dion*.  hehehehehehe!!

anyway, im all hyped to get the new ball game on the roll!!! my goal is to be the best 4pm-8pm slot ever! of course your support is very much appreciated! dont forget to tell your friends about The Red Fix k!!!!

                                          first day on the job with Terry!!!!

luv, me.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Im on REDFM 104.9 (4pm-8pm) EVERYDAY!

remember the secret i told you about on my post dated 19/1/2012??? well, the cat is out of the bag. If you haven't already know, I will be teaming up with the OG from Redfm, Terry, everyday!!

"Spunky deejays Terry Ong and Azura Zainal will ease listeners through rush hour with upbeat music and their funky personalities from 4pm to 7pm on The Red Fix." - thestaronline.

im very excited to start on REDFM as a radio announcer but nervous at the same time. job starts tomorrow, 13 Feb 2012 :D. i guess its kinda normal to have that kinda feeling...i've done radio before (with another station) and it was quite an experience, but my time on air only lasted 7 months because of my TV Presenting commitments.

to be honest, the nerves of going to the office and having a fixed schedule is getting to me! it's like going back to school and the last time i went to school was 14 years ago!! (dang! didn't realise its been that long!). TV Presenting/Hosting is second nature to me. im used to going out-station and work for weeks, sometimes months, depending on what shows i do, and coming back having my days off accordingly...but now, its a whole new ball-game and im ready for it! ready to kick some butts! :p

so you better make sure you have REDFM 104.9 preset on your radio and tune in to Terry and I on THE RED FIX everyday! :P you are more than welcome to tweet, fb and call me on radio k!

love, me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mercury Training

about 3 weeks ago, a long lost friend, a director/producer whom i used to work with, probably about 5 years ago contacted me after so long. told me that he wasn't sure if i was still using the same number. the reason he called was because he had a job for me. not the normal tv program but a coporate safety video. i've done corporate videos before, it normally takes about 3 days to shoot. memorizing scripts is a MUST! simply because we need to educate and inform people about the company we are doing the video for.

of course i said yes to the job. but the process took forever. this video is a lil different because we are going to be doing it for an oil and gas company. we are required to go for training in certain fields. after the long wait, harry (director/producer) called me yesterday to say that the MERCURY TRAINING is on, but not in KL, instead Cherating! say whaaaaat???!!

fine, not a problem, Cherating is not that far, with the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur you can get there in 3 hours. so harry decided that we should just leave very early in the morning and come back the same day. fine with me because i wasn't the one to drive. hahahhhahahah....

the training was to start at 9.30am, so just to be sure we had called to reconfirm, but gues what! the venue was changed to KEMAMAN! say whaaaaat??? hahahaha but despite the change, we managed to get there before 10am. i was the only one to attend the training for today because harry and adam had gone for it last week in KLCC. so the trip today was a joyride for them.

mercury training is a must for each person who needs to be at the oil rig. can you imagine, im gonna be on a helicopter for 2 hours to get to the rig which is 240km off shore! woohooooo!!! i cant wait. that too, we need to go for training..all for safety purposes. best thing about doing the "boset training", it gives me like a "license" that's valid for 4 years! meaning, an advantage for me as a tv host (should there be a need for me to do something similar like this video).

in school we did learn about mercury but only maybe 5 percent of it. so today, its all about ones' safety when we are on the rig and how to deal when we come in contact with mercury.

let me share with you a little bit about the chemical chareacteristic of mercury:-

1) chemical symbol : Hg
2) in elemental form, mercury is silver/white metal
3) emit mercury vapor
4) vaporization increases with temperature and surface area
5) metallic form is insoluble
6) liquid at room temperature (melting point - 38 degrees celcius)
7) weight is 13.5 times denser than waste (1 liter weight = 13.5kg)

there are 3 forms of mercury, elemental, inorganic and organic. when you are on an oil rig, it is very hazardous. the people who work on an oil rig gets paid a helluvalot of money because it is a high risk job. so safety comes first. how can you get mercury into your system? well there are 3 routes of entry:-

1) inhalation - from occupational hazards or pollutions
2) ingestion - consumption of contaminated food
3) exposure - direct contact (cosmetics, creams, dental filling)

they actually showed a video of Minatama Disease which happened in 1908 in Japan where people were exposed to a huge amount of mercury. they kinda go through a slow yet messed up death. they get major alzheimers where they would shake uncontrolably (imagine shaking a bottle hard) and they lose balance. they also did a test on some cats where it had the same effects, the poor cats!

so in order to avoid/minimize the content of mercury in a body we were taught on how to wear a safety suit (tychem) and our safety gears which looks like this...

yea, laugh now why dont you! hahhaaa this took about 15 minutes to wear!

and in the end this is how we're suppose to look like. imagine me in it???!!! i almost disappeared in all that!

and can you believe this dude was actually asleep during the training! caught in the act dude!

hahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahaha hahahahahah!!!

so after learning that, we had to do a practical at a mock-up rig. the guys who attended the training were nice. they helped me in getting dressed and explained a lot to me too! they recognized me from Xplorasi and Langit dan Bumi :p. the guys are working for maintenance where they have to do mercury clean-ups. before and after their job, they need to take a urine and blood sample to indentify the level of mercury in their body. some of the side effects are irritate lungs, cough, kidney, nausea/vomiting, just to name a few. 

so this was what i learnt today...very interesting indeed. u cant take the tv presenter out of me...

i know this is quite a long post, but i just thought it would be interesting for me to share with you. you can never have enough of KNOWLEDGE!

hope you've gained something from this just like i did!

love, me.