Friday, October 29, 2010

AMRC 2010-Pulau Duyong Terengganu

So after being in Terengganu for a week for the Malaysian Match Racing, the week continues for the Asian Match Racing Championships. Of course the favourite team Phil Robertson from WAKA Racing (New Zealand) who is also the defending champion has got my vote in winning this years' match. And guess what?! He actually did win beating David Gilmour from Australia.

In all honesty, the only team which I think has got cute crews is the WAKA Racing Team, seriously! Hey! I'm a girl and I'm allowed to look and have an opinion! :p Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me this year....but wait I think I have Phil's photo from last year's Monsoon Cup..oh wait, sorry, I don't have his picture :(. Will try and get it during the 2010 Monsoon Cup ok? :P

Alright then, time for some shots from the race....mostly crew and me...teehee

That's Sharin, Epol, Nadzry, and me!

trying to do my research...

crew photo!! finally all of us together!

There you was quite fun, 2 long weeks in Pulau Duyong. And all are looking forward for the Monsoon Cup 2010.

For now, go on and tell your friends to check out my blog ok! ahahaha

Love Love!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MMRC- Terengganu

Here I am in Pulau Duyong Terengganu. My days hasn't stopped for the past 2 months I think? :p After the Commonwealth Games, the next day I had shoot with Cipta Asia for the Rhb The Star Mighty Minds (Sat n Sunday), then on Monday straight to Terenggau for the Malaysian Match Racing Championships (MMRC) and the Asian Match Racing Championships (AMRC).

The race during the Malaysian Match Racing was quite slow during the round robin, so it was quite boring, that because there was no wind! I had to do a lot of waiting. Of course there were the favourite teams such as the Koo siblings, Tiffany and Jeremy Koo. This was the first time they faced each other in a match! 2 years in a row when Tiffany won the MMRC 2006 and 2007, Jeremy, the brother was one of her crew member. But this year, Jeremy decided to skipper his own Team.

It was definitely the right decision because Jeremy managed to steal the title and won the MMRC 2010. So this mean, he will be competing in the Monsoon Cup, together with International sailors.

My money was on the defending champion, Hazwan Hazim Dermawan. He's got so much potential and after winning last years Championships, he managed to score some sponsors for his team, PULSE and AC LAW. Now he's spreading his wing and as we all know, with sponsors, you can go really far. So, next year, Hazwan will be racing at the Korea Match Racing! So proud! Even though he didn't manage to defend his title this year, but its ok..he still has a long way to go. Experience does count because in real fact, Jeremy has more experience than he does.

WAH! This is like an article for the papers or something kan?? ahahhahha oklah, let me put some pictures up..

Masa ni tengah boring..hehehe

Of course you need this to move around in the Ri-Yaz Marina..

Dammit! i don't know why I cant put anymore pictures?? Takpe nanti I sambung ok!

Love Love!

Friday, October 8, 2010

bla bla bla

What's up you guys! Well, this past 2 days, nothing interesting happened. Let me just show you our work place then.. enjoy! Please be reminded that its very tiny! hehehe..

This next picture you are about to see is the super cool car here in India. We call it the "inspector saab" car! hahahhaha. We all got excited when we saw it!

Time for me to go do my voice over now. Don't forget to watch astro arena k? Channel 801 and watch the highlights....coz that's the show I'm doing! hehehehe

luv luv!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here Comes the Champs!

We decided to do links in the studio today..our very small studio. We got the 2 Gold Medalists, Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim and Aricco Jumithi to come in to the studio for a chat. I was very nervous because it was my first LIVE sports! Whatever it is, I was excited to take on the challenge. The boys were really shy!! but very sweet. :P Really proud of our athletes here and wishing them all the best in the other sporting events.

This morning we got a little surprise visit from Tunku Imran Tuanku Jaafar who came to see us at IBC. Of course I did not miss the opportunity to snap a picture with him.heheheh

and last but not least, jangan jealous ok! because I got the chance to hold the GOLD MEDAL and parade around with. hehehe

That's it folks! More to come!!

Luv luv!

CWG Day 4

India has gotten to us! This is what we did during our free time at IBC...well not actually free time, but to release tension..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The day didn't start out right. Our call time was suppose to be at 8am but the driver came late. As we were waiting outside we saw a car drove in...all banged up! and we were saying to ourselves "please not let this car be our ride". Well, it wasn't at first, that car was for the reporters but because the cars' radiator was leaking, we couldn't let the reporters have that car coz they needed to go around town with it. So we took the kereta rosak instead.

To get to IBC, it takes about an hour from our hotel, The Courtyard by Marriot. As we were driving , we noticed the car stopped and we found out that our car had a flat tyre! And we are talking about serious flatness!!

What is that?? A nail?? A big ass nail?? That's what I thought at first but it was actually a bloody SCREW! how the hell do you get a mother of a screw stuck in your tyre??

To add to things, the driver doesn't even have a spare tyre! We had to wait for someone to bring it over. We finally got to IBC 2 hours later.

"Welcome to India" and it truly is "Incredible India".

Wonder what's in store for us tomorrow....

Monday, October 4, 2010


Sorry but no picture today coz I was afraid to bring my camera in due to the most menyusahkan security check. Yesterday my food got thrown away so...anyway, here's what happened today :

1) went out to several locations to do links for squash, swimming, hockey,weigh-lifting and off course we had to go through securities. Today I decided to bring minimal things out of the car. Guess what happened??!! THEY TOOK MY LIPGLOSS! I wasn't allowed to bring it into the swimming stadium! They were probably afraid I would paint the pool pink!

2) Then it was off to the Squash court. Here it was pretty straight forward. Because the entrance to the stadium was far, we had a shuttle bus to take us in. As we stepped in, our "Squash queen" Nicole David was painted on their wall! Awethome! The Siri Fort Stadium was quite nice because it was built around the old fort so it actually had some historical sites around it.

3) Then it was off to the Jewarhar Lal Nehru Stadium where the opening ceremony was held. We were there for the lawn bowl event. Dahla nak masuk macam taik, the volunteers don't even know their way around. So like yesterday, we were sent to walk all around the stadium. In the end we had to search for our own way. There's no signage that makes sense. One minute they say we can exit here but when we reach the security check, they say we cannot exit. KEPALA HOTAK! So back to where we started and met one of the volunteers and told him the problem. He apologized and my cameraman Pulen said "Dont say sorry, do something about it!'". Tu dah lepas geram sikit.

4) Finally at the Hockey stadium which is around the same area - all we wanted was to take an establishing shot of the freaking building. We have a media pass/tag that allow us to go anywhere (apparently not!) but the police decided that we cannot take any shot of the building. Got one the people with the green t-shirt (who is above the volunteers) to help take us around. We told him (coz he understands English) that:- "you are making our life/work difficult. We are trying to promote your place to our country in Malaysia. its not our loss if we don't get this shot. Stop giving us problems and you better talk to your organizers to give briefing to all your freaking volunteers and police and securities so that everyone is on the same page." Itu dah panas habis dah. I told them off. Mana tak-nya after walking so far thanks to them, then they come and tell us another bullc**p! Siapa tak marah?!

There was also a point where we wanted to get out of the place and they didn't allow us to! Apa hal?!!

Haiyo, well that's a brief on what happened on the 2nd day of the CWG. Feel free to tell anyone about it :)

More to come!

Luv Luv

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Hey! I'm actually here in India for the Commonwealth Games. I'm hosting the highlights for Astro Arena channel 801. U know how a lot of people were saying that u will get a culture shock when you come to India? Well, I actually didn't experience that, probably because of the "clean-up" that was done for this huge event!

The security at the IBC is ridiculously tight that it's actually becoming annoying! At the stadium was even worst! There were like 5 security checks and at one of them, I had to throw away all my snacks. I need them for my gastric but unfortunately it had to go to waste. I think it's also coz The Prince of Wales was there. Besides that, we had to walk reeeeeaaaaaaly far to get in coz cars were not allowed to go into the stadium area. I think the 3 of us (afiq and pulen) actually walked for like 3km!

Once we got in, we were asked to go here and there without proper directions. We were walking like idiots and we couldn't even find a spot for us to plonk our camera! Finally we just did guerilla style. We had to rush the footages from the opening ceremony to be transferred back to Malaysia. Man that was quite tiring.

So far day one experience has been interesting. OHH!!! I forgot, we nearly got pick-pocketed!! Choo (arena personnel) and I went out to buy food for the boys and as we were talking to a few boys for directions, and just as we were about to get in the car, Choo noticed her bag was unzipped! She thought all her stuff were gone ie passport, company money and etc! But thankfully as we were driving, she remembered she had put her purse in a different pocket of the bag! PHEW!! Panic giler siot! Imagine passport hilang??!!!

So that's a lil piece of India for us - "WELCOME TO INDIA!"

luv luv!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stuck in the Airport??!!

So, if you didn't already know, I am currently hosting a program called RHB The Star Mighty Minds National Challenge 2010. The show takes me all over Malaysia in search for the mightiest minds (school) of each state to compete in the National challenge. The winner gets 6k!

Anyway, my previous trip was in Kuching. It was lovely, I love Sarawak. If only I had extra time to just go and visit the National Parks! It was an early (8am) flight to Kuching and Bai's (make-up artist) first time on a plane! So I decided to get the crew to play a prank on her! So what we did was, when she went to the toilet, we all decided to go the gate and leave her behind. Shimie (asst. director) was holding Bai's boarding pass and he was hiding in the toilet. She panicked coz no one was to be seen! But we could see her,then she started calling Shimie to find out where everyone had gone! She panicked and it was sooooo funny! hahahahaha

The event in The Spring, Kuching, went well. I spent quite a bit there! I don't even know why I shopped! But all I can say is that, Kuching was fun.

Our flight the next day was even earlier...6am! So everyone got up at 3am to get ready and bla bla bla. Obviously everyone did not get enough rest. So of course we were all looking forward to get back to KL to just sleep. When we got to the airport at 4.30am, MAS told us that our flight had been re-timed to 1030am!! WTF!! That's like 6 hours of doing nothing! We couldn't sleep coz there was no where to, we couldn't eat coz everything was closed! so we just sat there, and watched RTM. So semua like so penat and zombified!

Bai and Denny(producer) tried to sleep a bit on the chair, but as soon as they put their heads down, suddenly a rooster started to cockadoodle-doo!!! IN THE FREAKING AIRPORT! That time it was 5am. At first I thought it was someone's alarm but then again, how loud can a phone alarm be, right? After the second cockadoodle-doo then I realized it was an actual chicken. It wasn't even 1 rooster! There were 3 of them! I was thinking to myself, what's so special about chickens in Kuching that you cant buy them in the Peninsular??

So oklah, flight re-timed, then the chicken, then MAS gave us KFC coupon for breakfast and said it'll open at 7.30, and they lied! It only opened at 8am! And when we got to the counter, the people at KFC said that we were only getting chicken nuggets and coke..IN THE MORNING???!! You gotta be kidding me!! SQUIRREL! But we took 'em anyway sebab lapar giler!

So then it was time to go to the gate ...and guess what?? We decided to play another prank on Bai! hahahahaha. She had slept at Starbucks when we were doing our voice over there. Denny said to just leave her there and so we did! But Shimie and I decided to wait at the toy store which was just opposite Starbucks. Then Denny called her on the phone to ask her where she was and that we had board the plane! If only you were there to see the look on her face! CLASSIC! She panicked, and when she walked past the toy store, she actually looked at me in the eyes but didn't realize that it was me! She was still half asleep! ahahhahahahaha kesian dia...

Overall, it turned out to be a fun 6 hours wait at Kuching International Airport. I'm lucky to have a fun crew to work with. :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tied Up

Hey, I know I have been bad by not up-dating my blog. Its just that I have been so busy with work and other things! Right now, Im actually at NZ Curry House in Wangsa Maju waiting for the crew to come so that we can be on our way to Johor for the RHB The Star Mighty Minds Challenge shoot. So I thought, rather than waste my time sitting and drinking Milo O ice and look at cars go past, I might as well do this, right? Thank mickey this place has got internet connection!

I have so many things I wanna share, but i feel I need to be in the right state of mind to write it. Just a quick one, if you didn't already know, i was also busy with Princess Of Mount Ledang the Musical rehearsals and showcase. I played the lead role, Gusti Puteri! Something totally different from Tv Hosting, hehehe..

At least now, I can say I have tried musical theater and oh!! Stephen Rahman Hughs is HOT!!! He was Hang Tuah! heheh..oh dang, the crew is here. I got to go now! Chat soon k!

Luv Luv!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just came back from Kuala Selangor coz today I decided to take drive and just enjoy the beautiful drive and scenery. Left KL about 4.35pm and the drive was smooth sailing till I reached the JPJ roadblock!! Mang it took forever!! But after that was done, it was all good.

I wanted to see the fireflies in Kampung Kuantan. I didn't know what time the ticket counter opens, so when i got there at 6.25pm, I had to wait for an hour and 1/2 for it to open. So instead of waiting I decided to take a drive to Tanjung Karang to see the green padi fields. Man, it was such a beautiful sight and I felt so free and light. I love looking at God's beautiful creations, u know just take maybe 15 minutes to just sit and let your mind go free from negative thoughts and relax...i love that.

Anyway, coming back to my original trip, I decided to have dinner first so I had satay and nasi daging merah. Sedap siot! weehehehhe!! I really took my time, coz as we are all aware, fireflies only appears at night so I ended up at the sanctuary at about 10-ish. The ticket was RM40 per boat with a maximum of 4 passengers. It was a peaceful trip on the sampan. We paddled through Sungai Selangor and the mangrove trees looked like Christmas trees.

I learned that the male fireflies "blinks" 3 times per sec whereas the female only "blinks" once every second, so basically, the cheerful and always lit up are the males. What they do is, they would 'blink' to attract the females. When they're mating, they do not produce any lights or "blink"(ing).

According to the pakcik, there are 3 places in the world that has fireflies, Malaysia, Brasil, and New Zealand. And according to most people/tourists Malaysian fireflies are the most beautiful, and the only place where you can get up close and personal i.e touch them! And fireflies in Malaysia are the only ones that "blinks" at the same time, like they're in-synced!

There are no season for you to see fireflies, so, good news! you can see them anytime through out the year. The only times you cant see them are during heavy rain and strong winds.

I know a lot of us take things for granted especially when it comes to our country. There are a lot to see and learn, we neglect our own beauty. We always think that it will always be here because its in our backyard. I strongly suggest that you take a day and go see our fireflies...I'm sure they'll be happy to see you! :P

p/s: i couldn't take pictures of fireflies coz i would need a hi-tech camera. it was too dark!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Launch of Astro Arena

Yesterday I was at the launch of Astro Arena (801) which is a new channel dedicated to Malaysian sports. And guess what?? I will be hosting one of the programs called AkifPedia!! Be sure to watch it every Thursday @ 8pm. :0).Anyway, woke up really early coz we didn't wanna get stuck in traffic as the event was gonna start at 9am! I kelam kabut get ready till I forgot to bring my camera but luckily I have my blackberry to save the day. .hehe. We got there at 8.30am as always, the VIP came late. Dah la late, and the speeches they gave took forever! ahaha, I nearly tertido! hahahahah..

There were so many sports legend and the first one I met was Mariappan, he's won a lot of medals for the Paralympics back in the 70's for weight lifting. He still trains coz his aiming to win the gold medal for the up-coming Paralympics!! So let's root for him!!

Our badminton legends were also there, Dato' Misbun Sidek and Dato' Lee Chong Wei but I couldn't get pictures of them :( but i did get a picture a of the cutest footballers in the National Team!!! Zaquan and Aidil. :p

Here's another legend, he was a sports presenter on RTM but I think you'd probably remember him more as the guy who had Alzheimer in the movie Cinta (that's if you ever saw it), Dato' Rahim Razali...

It was quite awesome to actually see our National Athletes at the event who has put our country on the world map. I hope our sports will strive and get the support it needs from us Malaysian by doing our part in believing in them! MALAYSIA BOLEH and 1Malaysia!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NIKE HO10 Line

Last night I was emcee-ing the NIKE HO10 line with Adam C. It was actually quite funny coz the both of us had no idea exactly what we were suppose to do,we only discussed about the games that we were gonna play. So 30 minutes before the event and while I was getting my face touched up, we kelam kabut trying to understand the whole event.

Anyway, moving on, the event started with some speeches by the key people in NIKE and then dinner was served (chinese dinner, and man, its been too long since i had chinese food). The food at One World Hotel was oklah..I've had better but I didn't really eat coz I normally don't, or should I say cant eat while I'm working...sebab nervous hehehe..

While the retailers were having dinner, there was a NIKE HO10 Line fashion show, performances by the cheerleaders from CHARM and B-BOYS

These guys (above) were awesome! I was very impressed with their b-boy skills! And of course the clothes they were wearing was cun also! :p

After all that, Adam and I started our games and the first game was called the "running man". As you can see from the picture above, that's me demonstrating how its done. I can't believe neither of the "athletes" (that's what we address the guests as) had no idea what the "running man" was! I mean, all of them were born way before me and "running man" was hot during their time (MC HAMMER era) and they didn't know how to do it???!! But anyway..all participants did what they had too and were given NIKE goodies. Man, tough crowd they were! Adam and I had a hard time trying to pump up the ballroom!

Then we played the "jug" game where the person who can hold the jug filled with water the longest wins! It looks and sounds super simple but in actually fact, its tough! The guy in the green NIKE t-shirt looked pretty retarded towards the end of the game, but I have to give him a pat on the back for trying to hold it to the end but lost to the guy behind him.

The final game we played was very cheeky and stupid! hehehe...where the contestant had to write an alphabet using their a**! hahaha it was so funny watching all of them moving their a**es from left to right,back to front. Imagine writing the letter "i" (lower caps)!

All in all, everybody had a good time and it went quite well. I certainly had a good time and guess who turned up to take the pictures that you're looking at sister kak ina and her daughter Tasha..

Monday, March 15, 2010

NIKE ACG all the way

Hey U! How are things? I'm doing all right and just came back from Taman Negara Endau Rompin in Johor. I was there for my X-plorasi shoot and as always, it was an awesome and stress free trip. Anyway, I just want to share with you about how important it is to have good equipments and footwear especially if you want to go jungle trekking or do any adventure sports.

As you can see, the picture on the left is my ever trusting NIKE ACG (all conditions gear). I have had this for about 3 years now and I have been using it for all my Xplorasi shoot. This shoes have seen better days..The worst condition this shoes has ever been in was when I climbed Mount Murud in Sarawak - 2423 Metres (highest in Sarawak). It was the most memorable climb because it was really hard and we had to face too many challenges such as the rain, the mud, the slippery tracks and logs, the semi-ruined bridge built by the people and bla bla bla..

When we were on our down from the mountain, just when we thought we had the car waiting for us, turned out that the car couldn't climbed the slippery logging road because of the rain the night before. So guess what??!! We had to walk aaaallllll the way down to where the car was, 3 hours extra after going down from the mountain from 7am-5pm(when we reached the foot of the mountain).

To make things worse, as soon as we reached the car and had put our equipments and bags in it, the car got stuck in the mud!!! and couldn't move! In Sarawak, to get from 1 kampung to another takes 4-6 hours depending on the conditions of the road, and we are not talking about tar road, total logging red earth looking road. So, we actually walked all the way back to the lodge, in the dark, and my NIKE ACG was covered in mud. It became so heavy, i think it weighed in at 2kilos! Seriously! We only got back at midnight. Imagine having to walk down the mountain and back to the lodge from 7am-midnight. I was very lucky to have my super strong shoes coz it helped me get through the toughest time in climbing a mountain. And the shoes is still good for me to wear in my next adventure. Belum koyak yet :p! hehehe

The look of happiness at the peak of Mount Murud! heheh WE DID IT with my NIKE ACG!
OH! and by the way, after that trip, i came back with bronchitis! due to sleeping in wet clothes for 3 days coz of the rain.

p/s: it was colder than Mount Kinabalu..then. :

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hey u! im back, been busy shooting GET IN SHAPE. If didn't already know, its a show about 4 people doing different workouts such as kick-boxing,swimming,salsa and cross training. I have completed 8 episodes. So far so good but i have to say that the 2nd season participants are not as determined as the 1st season's participants except for Zainal, who's doing kick-boxing. His trainer Michael tak kasi chance langsung! The poor dude! hehe.

Last Sunday i actually took some new pictures of myself for my profile. Im very proud of the results. I haven't had pictures taken in long time so this year (2010) i thought i might as well spend or should i say invest some money on my profile pictures. These pictures will be sent to clients or even magazines or newspaper should they need it. Im gonna try and upload one picture for you to see..hehehe

So? ok tak?

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Quikie!

Ello eloo! I know its been too long since my last post. I have so much to share but for now, just a quick one. I am now at the Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa, emcee-ing the Monsoon Cup 2009!

I was never a sailing fan let alone know anything about the sport. When I was offered to emcee it, i was honored and pressured at the same time. First gig i had was to do a 4 episodes show about Monsoon Cup called Monsun Datang Lagi!. So from there I learned a little bit about the sport. NOW I am here commentating the sport in Malay. hehehe

Its very confusing now but getting the hang of it..sorta! Anyway, I said it was gonna be a quick one so just to update you, its now the semi-finals and these are the skippers who will be competing - Minoprio (#1 ranking WMRT) vs Gilmour (4X WMRT Champion) and the next is Ainslie (#6 in WMRT) vs Col (#8 in WMRT).

Slowly understanding the sport and liking it, believe it or not. Well that's all for now folks! I have to work now! Time to commentate the semi-finals! Wish me luck!

Love love!