Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's Up With That?

Aww man! Im really sorry and i want to apologize to you for not updating my blog as religiously as i should. Frogive me?? :(

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today has been a day of pain for me. My neck still hasn't healed! So i decided to go to the chiropractor and do acupuncture. You see the thing was, i had gone for a massage at REBORN Massage Center. You know how they have people from China to do the massage? So anyway, to cut a long story short, I told them to just do a massage for an hour. But after the lady massaged me for 1/2 hour (it was so sakit!), she started talking to me and obviously i couldn't understand her, so i just said "OK" to everything. The next thing i knew, I had suction cups on my shoulder! I wish i knew how to add pictures to my blog so you can see it :(

Anyway, the massage didn't help. So, today, when i was at the acupuncture place, the doctor said that one of my neck disc has been dislocated, due to the massage yesterday. It got worst! The Doctor massaged me for 1/2 hour first to identify my problem, and believe it or not, i cried!!!!! i normally can handle pain, but this time, i just couldn't take it. The doctor panicked! hahaha. My sister was there too! Kak Ina told him, if Azura cries, that means it's very painful.

When the massage was done, he started the acupuncture. I had 11 needles stuck in me. it was painful in the beginning and when he twist the needle. Then it got numb. He left it there for 30minutes. I had my face down and because i was crying, i had hingus coming out!hahahahaha sorry for being disgusting! Again i really wish i could show you the picture kak ina took.

As of now, its hard to tell if i feel better or not because my neck muscle is still sore, he re-aligned my spine and neck. U should have heard the cracking sounded like the bubble wrap..."Pap Pap Pap". He said my tendon is torn, so he asked me to take pain killers or muscle relaxen to ease the pain.

I have taken 2 muscle relaxen pills, and my neck is more relaxed now, that's why i can write my blog. :).

If my neck still hurts when i wake up, then i have to come in again tomorrow. I pray that my neck will get better before i leave for Boracay on Wednesday!

Please pray that i get better soon :) thanks!!

Got to rest my neck now..good night

Love love!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pain in the ..... NECK!

Today has been a fruitful day for me coz early in the morning I had a meeting with Melvin, my co-emcee for The Monsoon Cup which will be happening from the 2nd-6th of December. Yes I will be emcee-ing this Worldwide event and very nervous about it! :P Melvin basically touched base about how messy the event can get. hehehe. As we all know, I know jack s@#T about sailing, so Melvin was tutoring me about rules and regulations and about the race course. MAN! it was too much for me to handle, but Melvin was pretty good at explaining it to me.It took him 3 hours to finish,not all, but at least 10% of it!

But the anal part about my day was I have been having a stiff neck for the past 4 days! And it got really bad today, to the point where I cant even turn my head. I actually looked a lil retarded! :P So the whole day, I walked like a robot, couldn't turn, bend down and eat even coz it was bloody painful! So can you imagine what I had to go through when I was driving???!!

After the meeting was done, I had to go meet my best friend, Nureen, to discuss about her wedding preperations. Of course being the best friend, I was asked to emcee the wedding happening this Saturday (7/11). It was a quick one, so, it gave me time to call my massage lady for a good massage.

Her name is Huruleign, she is the best massage person I know! If anybody wants a good massage do let me know. In the beginning, she couldn't fit me in but God's willing, she smsd and said that there was an opening at 6:15pm. I couldn't imagine the look on my face when I got that message. She is so good to the point that she could tell you how you attained the pain at a higher level! I just had to explain to her what was wrong and straight away, she just said to me, "you are holding your anger towards someone right?" . And YES! that was exactly what it was about. How freaky is that??! So...remember, stress does you no good! It F@#&S you up and makes you look retarded! :P
She did her magic on me for 2 hours, and now I can move my neck better than this morning. Of course you cant get rid of it there and then, but the pain was reduced to 40%! but the massage was PAINFUL!!!

Now that I can move my neck a lil, she said that I'm not allowed to do sports or anything active for 2 days! Dang! What about my runs and tennis and capoeira??!! :( Oh well....

OH! and today is my nieces' birthday (Thira). She turns 11 and we celebrated at Swensens. It was nice..and straight after that, my siblings and cousin and I had a discussion about my company, Gumblow Cabxi, and about an event that we are going to be doing. That was pretty much it.

And now, Im going to try and lie my head on my pillow and hopefully by tomorrow, the pain in my..NECK will be gone!

Good night! :)

Love love!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi!! Just wanted to tell you that i am super duper excited for my Boracay trip! I'm almost done with my flight bookings and now waiting for the resorts to get back to me on the confirmation email. YES RESORTS! hahahah..I'm trying to be adventurous by staying at 4 different types of resorts. I will be traveling alone so i thought it'll be quite an experience/adventure to do something different. If i were to come again, then I will know which is a nice place to stay at!

My trip will start with a diving trip with a few friends whom i will be meeting there. Then from the 14th onwards, i will be re-uniting with my ex Disney co-host Nikki!! I'm so excited! Miss her and it'll be quite a reunion I'm sure!

Will definitely keep u updated!

And now to check on my bookings! Laters!

Love Love!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Im A Newbie :)

Hey U!! Its me Azura and i finally have my own blog! Im excited about this because this is one of many ways besides twitter and facebook, for me to share my travel stories (X-plorasi) and well, other things that im in to.

Please bare with im still getting used to all this bloggin :). Still need to learn how to add pictures co believe me,i have LOADS of pictures to share.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how i can improve my blog or anything at all, do let me know ok?. Its very much appreciated.

Love love!