Saturday, June 18, 2011

time to take it easy...

I know I suck at keeping my blog updated, but this time my reasons are valid! heheheh.. I have been so so busy since the month of March shooting a brand new travel show for Astro Prima called Langit dan Bumi which will be on air after Hari Raya. I am actually looking forward for this show. I am sure you will find it awesome too!

We were supposedly to shoot all 13 episodes till end of May, but due to some un-foreseen circumstances, we only managed to shoot 11 episodes. The reason why it had to finish by end of May was because throughout June I will have to go for rehearsals for DREAMGIRLS the musical which will be in Istana Budaya from the 14th-24th of July. I am playing the youngest Dreamgirl, Lorell Robinson. So u must come and watch me okay???!!!

I have been been working non-stop, 7 days a week and am not complaining. Its just that it has gotten the best of me. I came back and went on with my rehearsals everyday from 10am-630pm. Saturdays and sundays are sometimes taken for shoots and weekday nights I have to do my voice-overs. So I think its about time that my body says "ENOUGH! TIME TO TAKE IT EASY!"

So yesterday, I decided not to go to rehearsals and go see Dr. Jo instead. And now I am at home, able to blog this! hahahaha.. I have a bad cough and wheezing and a flu. I just hope I will be alright on Monday so I can start singing and dancing again for DREAMGIRLS. I actually miss everyone at rehearsals :(

This is me, trying to keep my throat heated with VICKS as advised by Cheryl Samad, who is also in Dreamgirls :p