Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just came back from Kuala Selangor coz today I decided to take drive and just enjoy the beautiful drive and scenery. Left KL about 4.35pm and the drive was smooth sailing till I reached the JPJ roadblock!! Mang it took forever!! But after that was done, it was all good.

I wanted to see the fireflies in Kampung Kuantan. I didn't know what time the ticket counter opens, so when i got there at 6.25pm, I had to wait for an hour and 1/2 for it to open. So instead of waiting I decided to take a drive to Tanjung Karang to see the green padi fields. Man, it was such a beautiful sight and I felt so free and light. I love looking at God's beautiful creations, u know just take maybe 15 minutes to just sit and let your mind go free from negative thoughts and relax...i love that.

Anyway, coming back to my original trip, I decided to have dinner first so I had satay and nasi daging merah. Sedap siot! weehehehhe!! I really took my time, coz as we are all aware, fireflies only appears at night so I ended up at the sanctuary at about 10-ish. The ticket was RM40 per boat with a maximum of 4 passengers. It was a peaceful trip on the sampan. We paddled through Sungai Selangor and the mangrove trees looked like Christmas trees.

I learned that the male fireflies "blinks" 3 times per sec whereas the female only "blinks" once every second, so basically, the cheerful and always lit up are the males. What they do is, they would 'blink' to attract the females. When they're mating, they do not produce any lights or "blink"(ing).

According to the pakcik, there are 3 places in the world that has fireflies, Malaysia, Brasil, and New Zealand. And according to most people/tourists Malaysian fireflies are the most beautiful, and the only place where you can get up close and personal i.e touch them! And fireflies in Malaysia are the only ones that "blinks" at the same time, like they're in-synced!

There are no season for you to see fireflies, so, good news! you can see them anytime through out the year. The only times you cant see them are during heavy rain and strong winds.

I know a lot of us take things for granted especially when it comes to our country. There are a lot to see and learn, we neglect our own beauty. We always think that it will always be here because its in our backyard. I strongly suggest that you take a day and go see our fireflies...I'm sure they'll be happy to see you! :P

p/s: i couldn't take pictures of fireflies coz i would need a hi-tech camera. it was too dark!!