Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Journey : Collectors Edition - PS4


where do I begin... This is an adventure game. As you put the CD on, you can choose 1 from 3 adventures. It's not your typical adventure game where you kill and shoot someone, blood spatter, crashing into things and etc...this is more of a relaxing adventure. There is even no intro video, it just starts with a soothing music, the kind that you find in a spa! Just take the controller and go with the flow. 

I tried 2 out of 3 adventures. One of it was called FLOWER. The graphics and always PS has got it down. Just brilliant. It's like you become a petal of a flower, and let the wind takes you on a JOURNEY. It's like giving a look at what life is like as a soothing and free it can be when you just follow where the wind takes you. Accompanied by a relaxing tune, it somewhat puts you in a very hypnotic state. (actually...i nearly dozed off :p). If you are a philosophical kind of person, you can probably come up with a story from this!

So I think, that's basically it. That's what this game Journey is about....You just go on a Journey....

DriveClub Limited Edition - PS4

Alrighty, now this is what I'm all about! I just love speed and this game is what I definitely enjoy. This is a game where you can do time trial, race, and more. You have leaderboards, you can race against other people, you can create/custom your cars, collect rewards, unlock "cars" for your future races and so much more. 

But of course the main thing for me is the thrill of racing itself. Since I'm not able to do it on the real tracks, this would suffice. Plus I don't have to worry about crashing my car! LOL! What you're about to watch below, is actually me playing the game and this video was saved as a replay. But please, do not judge, as this is my first time getting the hang and feel of the race.... :)

This game is really awesome for those "closet racers". The graphics and how the controller vibrates really gives you the ultimate feel of a real race! I can play this till the early morning. And to me this is the perfect "switch-off" game. After a long day at work, and you just want to relax and not think too much, pop in the DriveClub Limited Edition into the PS4 console and just lose yourself. Below is the car I used to collect my trophies and rewards. *Mercedes should sponsor me in real life because i am an awesome driver and suit the whole look* hahahaha...

What a gorgeous beast! Wish I had one in real life. So yeah! LOVE  THIS GAME!!

luv, me.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Little Big Planet 3 - PS4

I tried this new game I got form PS4. It's called Little Big Planet 3. What is it really about? Well... 

This game allow players to create their own levels, characters, objects, such as power ups, tools, decorations, stickers, or vehicles, hub levels, and other things. We may also share our creations. The core gameplay revolves around navigating colourful and vibrant levels with a set character, using power ups, jumping, swimming, swinging, grabbing, interacting with switches and non playable characters, defeating enemies, completing the main objectives, and finding collectibles, stickers, materials, objects, and gadgets. (taken from wikipedia).

To be honest, I actually do not understand this game. Maybe I need to start with Little Big Planet 1? But one thing for sure is that the visual and animation of this game is AMAZING!!! 

I couldn't help but to feel amazed at how awesome the visuals are! As you are playing the game, the narrator will guide and tell you how everything is done. But for me, I still did not get the purpose of this game. All I can gather from this is that, its about letting your imagination run wild and be creative!

Here are some of the pictures I took of me playing the game....

They are really pretty...this game is like a thinking game because you actually start on a puzzle. Like how it was explained earlier, you collect stickers and stuff as you go along and start creating your own character, levels and more. I'm not sure how I feel about this game...