Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a beautiful butterfly!

it all began here....

this is a picture of baby Anatasha Abd. Halim. The cute boy who was holding her is my baby brother Imran. She was born on the 8th of August 1994 and she was the first grandchild. And now she looks like this.....

this gorgeous girl is now a beautiful butterfly who has left her cacoon and flown off to Abu Dhabi to stay with her father. She just finished her SPM and she's there to look for good colleges to further her studies. We are all very excited for her because i feel she is very lucky to be able to have the option of "looking" for the best college outside of Malaysia. another reason she's lucky is that SHE GOT TO TRAVEL BUSINESS CLASS!!! hahahha this is because her father is the Captain of Etihad Air! :p

i mean, she and her sister Athira would always fly off to see their father in Abu Dhabi at the end of the semester break and would stay there for a month until school starts again, but this time, Tasha had to travel alone for the first time, and she's not coming back until the end of February to get her SPM results.

                                               (my sister with her beautiful daughters :p)

i still remember how small she used to be! how she used to be afraid of the sand, coz she didn't like the way it felt on her feet. She refused to go to the beach for the longest time!! She was also afraid of the dark for a while, but now she's ok. :) time really flies and can't believe that she will be eighteen and she is legal to be taken to the clubs! arrrhhh!! how awesome is that?! mum, aunties and uncles can take her out dancing..... FINALLY!! hehehe

its funny how everyone was at the airport to send her off because its not like she's going for good just yet! her friend Zhou Han was so sad that she was leaving, he teared! hahahahahah. its funny but its also fun to just go to the airport and have Mcdonalds before sending people off...yea, we are weird that way!

yes! food was expensive but thank mickey my younger siblings are with MAS, so we were able to get discounts! haaaah but it was still expensive! so happy faces everyone.....

when the time came for her to go, we were quite sad, coz that means, 1 less person to pick on!

c'mon, that's what uncles and aunties are for!? to make your nieces and nephews' life fun, miserable and exciting! hahahahaaa!

tasha!! we're all gonna miss you heaps! all i wanna say is, dont forget to have fun and explore as much as you can. you are young only once so live life to the fullest. take care and love you!!
here's a picture of Tasha and her siblings, including Zhou Han.... :D

love, me.


  1. Nice one Azura...truly enjoyed reading it. Too bad I wasn't there to send off Tasha at KLIA as well. Wish all the best for her in Abu Dhabi & rest of your family! Salam to yr dad ok & take care... Abang Epot.

  2. Hi Abang Epot!! So nice to hear from you! Salam to the family too. See you around and happy new year! :P