Monday, January 23, 2012

Friend for Life!

This person is special. Her name is Yeoh Ee Ping and u can follow her on twitter @eepings. I first met her when she was 9! And she was a big fan of Disney Buzz. I remember reading her letters to us where she would send in without fail! She was there at every Disney event to show her support and she STILL does in whatever I do, be it work or personal! We got connected again through a phone call she made to when I was a radio announcer then and that's when our relationship changed from a fan to a friend. And with that I love u babs! Even though you're a decade younger, but it doesn't keep us from being friends where we can share about anything. On this special day, I wanna wish u a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and besides it being prosperous, I hope our friendship will prosper too. :D 

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