Friday, March 19, 2010

Launch of Astro Arena

Yesterday I was at the launch of Astro Arena (801) which is a new channel dedicated to Malaysian sports. And guess what?? I will be hosting one of the programs called AkifPedia!! Be sure to watch it every Thursday @ 8pm. :0).Anyway, woke up really early coz we didn't wanna get stuck in traffic as the event was gonna start at 9am! I kelam kabut get ready till I forgot to bring my camera but luckily I have my blackberry to save the day. .hehe. We got there at 8.30am as always, the VIP came late. Dah la late, and the speeches they gave took forever! ahaha, I nearly tertido! hahahahah..

There were so many sports legend and the first one I met was Mariappan, he's won a lot of medals for the Paralympics back in the 70's for weight lifting. He still trains coz his aiming to win the gold medal for the up-coming Paralympics!! So let's root for him!!

Our badminton legends were also there, Dato' Misbun Sidek and Dato' Lee Chong Wei but I couldn't get pictures of them :( but i did get a picture a of the cutest footballers in the National Team!!! Zaquan and Aidil. :p

Here's another legend, he was a sports presenter on RTM but I think you'd probably remember him more as the guy who had Alzheimer in the movie Cinta (that's if you ever saw it), Dato' Rahim Razali...

It was quite awesome to actually see our National Athletes at the event who has put our country on the world map. I hope our sports will strive and get the support it needs from us Malaysian by doing our part in believing in them! MALAYSIA BOLEH and 1Malaysia!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NIKE HO10 Line

Last night I was emcee-ing the NIKE HO10 line with Adam C. It was actually quite funny coz the both of us had no idea exactly what we were suppose to do,we only discussed about the games that we were gonna play. So 30 minutes before the event and while I was getting my face touched up, we kelam kabut trying to understand the whole event.

Anyway, moving on, the event started with some speeches by the key people in NIKE and then dinner was served (chinese dinner, and man, its been too long since i had chinese food). The food at One World Hotel was oklah..I've had better but I didn't really eat coz I normally don't, or should I say cant eat while I'm working...sebab nervous hehehe..

While the retailers were having dinner, there was a NIKE HO10 Line fashion show, performances by the cheerleaders from CHARM and B-BOYS

These guys (above) were awesome! I was very impressed with their b-boy skills! And of course the clothes they were wearing was cun also! :p

After all that, Adam and I started our games and the first game was called the "running man". As you can see from the picture above, that's me demonstrating how its done. I can't believe neither of the "athletes" (that's what we address the guests as) had no idea what the "running man" was! I mean, all of them were born way before me and "running man" was hot during their time (MC HAMMER era) and they didn't know how to do it???!! But anyway..all participants did what they had too and were given NIKE goodies. Man, tough crowd they were! Adam and I had a hard time trying to pump up the ballroom!

Then we played the "jug" game where the person who can hold the jug filled with water the longest wins! It looks and sounds super simple but in actually fact, its tough! The guy in the green NIKE t-shirt looked pretty retarded towards the end of the game, but I have to give him a pat on the back for trying to hold it to the end but lost to the guy behind him.

The final game we played was very cheeky and stupid! hehehe...where the contestant had to write an alphabet using their a**! hahaha it was so funny watching all of them moving their a**es from left to right,back to front. Imagine writing the letter "i" (lower caps)!

All in all, everybody had a good time and it went quite well. I certainly had a good time and guess who turned up to take the pictures that you're looking at sister kak ina and her daughter Tasha..

Monday, March 15, 2010

NIKE ACG all the way

Hey U! How are things? I'm doing all right and just came back from Taman Negara Endau Rompin in Johor. I was there for my X-plorasi shoot and as always, it was an awesome and stress free trip. Anyway, I just want to share with you about how important it is to have good equipments and footwear especially if you want to go jungle trekking or do any adventure sports.

As you can see, the picture on the left is my ever trusting NIKE ACG (all conditions gear). I have had this for about 3 years now and I have been using it for all my Xplorasi shoot. This shoes have seen better days..The worst condition this shoes has ever been in was when I climbed Mount Murud in Sarawak - 2423 Metres (highest in Sarawak). It was the most memorable climb because it was really hard and we had to face too many challenges such as the rain, the mud, the slippery tracks and logs, the semi-ruined bridge built by the people and bla bla bla..

When we were on our down from the mountain, just when we thought we had the car waiting for us, turned out that the car couldn't climbed the slippery logging road because of the rain the night before. So guess what??!! We had to walk aaaallllll the way down to where the car was, 3 hours extra after going down from the mountain from 7am-5pm(when we reached the foot of the mountain).

To make things worse, as soon as we reached the car and had put our equipments and bags in it, the car got stuck in the mud!!! and couldn't move! In Sarawak, to get from 1 kampung to another takes 4-6 hours depending on the conditions of the road, and we are not talking about tar road, total logging red earth looking road. So, we actually walked all the way back to the lodge, in the dark, and my NIKE ACG was covered in mud. It became so heavy, i think it weighed in at 2kilos! Seriously! We only got back at midnight. Imagine having to walk down the mountain and back to the lodge from 7am-midnight. I was very lucky to have my super strong shoes coz it helped me get through the toughest time in climbing a mountain. And the shoes is still good for me to wear in my next adventure. Belum koyak yet :p! hehehe

The look of happiness at the peak of Mount Murud! heheh WE DID IT with my NIKE ACG!
OH! and by the way, after that trip, i came back with bronchitis! due to sleeping in wet clothes for 3 days coz of the rain.

p/s: it was colder than Mount Kinabalu..then. :