Friday, October 29, 2010

AMRC 2010-Pulau Duyong Terengganu

So after being in Terengganu for a week for the Malaysian Match Racing, the week continues for the Asian Match Racing Championships. Of course the favourite team Phil Robertson from WAKA Racing (New Zealand) who is also the defending champion has got my vote in winning this years' match. And guess what?! He actually did win beating David Gilmour from Australia.

In all honesty, the only team which I think has got cute crews is the WAKA Racing Team, seriously! Hey! I'm a girl and I'm allowed to look and have an opinion! :p Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me this year....but wait I think I have Phil's photo from last year's Monsoon Cup..oh wait, sorry, I don't have his picture :(. Will try and get it during the 2010 Monsoon Cup ok? :P

Alright then, time for some shots from the race....mostly crew and me...teehee

That's Sharin, Epol, Nadzry, and me!

trying to do my research...

crew photo!! finally all of us together!

There you was quite fun, 2 long weeks in Pulau Duyong. And all are looking forward for the Monsoon Cup 2010.

For now, go on and tell your friends to check out my blog ok! ahahaha

Love Love!


  1. how i wish, i can have a cool n enjoyable job after i jealous :(

  2. manifest and stay focused!! hehehe