Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stuck in the Airport??!!

So, if you didn't already know, I am currently hosting a program called RHB The Star Mighty Minds National Challenge 2010. The show takes me all over Malaysia in search for the mightiest minds (school) of each state to compete in the National challenge. The winner gets 6k!

Anyway, my previous trip was in Kuching. It was lovely, I love Sarawak. If only I had extra time to just go and visit the National Parks! It was an early (8am) flight to Kuching and Bai's (make-up artist) first time on a plane! So I decided to get the crew to play a prank on her! So what we did was, when she went to the toilet, we all decided to go the gate and leave her behind. Shimie (asst. director) was holding Bai's boarding pass and he was hiding in the toilet. She panicked coz no one was to be seen! But we could see her,then she started calling Shimie to find out where everyone had gone! She panicked and it was sooooo funny! hahahahaha

The event in The Spring, Kuching, went well. I spent quite a bit there! I don't even know why I shopped! But all I can say is that, Kuching was fun.

Our flight the next day was even earlier...6am! So everyone got up at 3am to get ready and bla bla bla. Obviously everyone did not get enough rest. So of course we were all looking forward to get back to KL to just sleep. When we got to the airport at 4.30am, MAS told us that our flight had been re-timed to 1030am!! WTF!! That's like 6 hours of doing nothing! We couldn't sleep coz there was no where to, we couldn't eat coz everything was closed! so we just sat there, and watched RTM. So semua like so penat and zombified!

Bai and Denny(producer) tried to sleep a bit on the chair, but as soon as they put their heads down, suddenly a rooster started to cockadoodle-doo!!! IN THE FREAKING AIRPORT! That time it was 5am. At first I thought it was someone's alarm but then again, how loud can a phone alarm be, right? After the second cockadoodle-doo then I realized it was an actual chicken. It wasn't even 1 rooster! There were 3 of them! I was thinking to myself, what's so special about chickens in Kuching that you cant buy them in the Peninsular??

So oklah, flight re-timed, then the chicken, then MAS gave us KFC coupon for breakfast and said it'll open at 7.30, and they lied! It only opened at 8am! And when we got to the counter, the people at KFC said that we were only getting chicken nuggets and coke..IN THE MORNING???!! You gotta be kidding me!! SQUIRREL! But we took 'em anyway sebab lapar giler!

So then it was time to go to the gate ...and guess what?? We decided to play another prank on Bai! hahahahaha. She had slept at Starbucks when we were doing our voice over there. Denny said to just leave her there and so we did! But Shimie and I decided to wait at the toy store which was just opposite Starbucks. Then Denny called her on the phone to ask her where she was and that we had board the plane! If only you were there to see the look on her face! CLASSIC! She panicked, and when she walked past the toy store, she actually looked at me in the eyes but didn't realize that it was me! She was still half asleep! ahahhahahahaha kesian dia...

Overall, it turned out to be a fun 6 hours wait at Kuching International Airport. I'm lucky to have a fun crew to work with. :D


  1. Hi Azura, am stopping by at your blog to see you as a writer as opposed to being a presenter which I'm more familiar ... just saw you on Arena over the "Camara" story. I'm surprised that your blog is not populated with visitors - judging from the lack of comments! Do take a look at my two blogs, and ... if you can find the time from your busy life ... Cheers selalu ...

  2. hi azura! i see that you were able to change your blog theme, congratulations you figured it out haha! again, i welcome you here in blogosphere! :-)