Sunday, October 3, 2010

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Hey! I'm actually here in India for the Commonwealth Games. I'm hosting the highlights for Astro Arena channel 801. U know how a lot of people were saying that u will get a culture shock when you come to India? Well, I actually didn't experience that, probably because of the "clean-up" that was done for this huge event!

The security at the IBC is ridiculously tight that it's actually becoming annoying! At the stadium was even worst! There were like 5 security checks and at one of them, I had to throw away all my snacks. I need them for my gastric but unfortunately it had to go to waste. I think it's also coz The Prince of Wales was there. Besides that, we had to walk reeeeeaaaaaaly far to get in coz cars were not allowed to go into the stadium area. I think the 3 of us (afiq and pulen) actually walked for like 3km!

Once we got in, we were asked to go here and there without proper directions. We were walking like idiots and we couldn't even find a spot for us to plonk our camera! Finally we just did guerilla style. We had to rush the footages from the opening ceremony to be transferred back to Malaysia. Man that was quite tiring.

So far day one experience has been interesting. OHH!!! I forgot, we nearly got pick-pocketed!! Choo (arena personnel) and I went out to buy food for the boys and as we were talking to a few boys for directions, and just as we were about to get in the car, Choo noticed her bag was unzipped! She thought all her stuff were gone ie passport, company money and etc! But thankfully as we were driving, she remembered she had put her purse in a different pocket of the bag! PHEW!! Panic giler siot! Imagine passport hilang??!!!

So that's a lil piece of India for us - "WELCOME TO INDIA!"

luv luv!

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