Friday, March 19, 2010

Launch of Astro Arena

Yesterday I was at the launch of Astro Arena (801) which is a new channel dedicated to Malaysian sports. And guess what?? I will be hosting one of the programs called AkifPedia!! Be sure to watch it every Thursday @ 8pm. :0).Anyway, woke up really early coz we didn't wanna get stuck in traffic as the event was gonna start at 9am! I kelam kabut get ready till I forgot to bring my camera but luckily I have my blackberry to save the day. .hehe. We got there at 8.30am as always, the VIP came late. Dah la late, and the speeches they gave took forever! ahaha, I nearly tertido! hahahahah..

There were so many sports legend and the first one I met was Mariappan, he's won a lot of medals for the Paralympics back in the 70's for weight lifting. He still trains coz his aiming to win the gold medal for the up-coming Paralympics!! So let's root for him!!

Our badminton legends were also there, Dato' Misbun Sidek and Dato' Lee Chong Wei but I couldn't get pictures of them :( but i did get a picture a of the cutest footballers in the National Team!!! Zaquan and Aidil. :p

Here's another legend, he was a sports presenter on RTM but I think you'd probably remember him more as the guy who had Alzheimer in the movie Cinta (that's if you ever saw it), Dato' Rahim Razali...

It was quite awesome to actually see our National Athletes at the event who has put our country on the world map. I hope our sports will strive and get the support it needs from us Malaysian by doing our part in believing in them! MALAYSIA BOLEH and 1Malaysia!!

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