Tuesday, September 25, 2012

an alien invasion??

after the motorbike accident i had on Merdeka Eve, i went for an MRI. for the longest time i never knew what it meant, i didn't look it up coz i felt it wasn't necessary for me to know. hehehehe. of course that's not an excuse to not find out what it means. so now i know, MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

MRI was created by Dr. Raymond Damadian. he volunteered to be the test subject when nobody else wanted too. but it didn't really happen because it turned out Damadian was too big for the machine. in the end, a student voluntereed and on July 3 1977, MRI was first performed on a human being and it took almost 5 hours to produce an image.

MRI is done to diagnose brain tumors, torn ligaments, tendonitis, cancer, and strokes just to name a few. this is the best way to see the inside of someone without cutting them open! :D

before i went in i was asked questions like if i had metals in my body, if i had done a surgery and etc. i got a little bit confused when she asked about metals in my body..don't know why, maybe coz i always felt like a bionic woman with all my activities and sports...that i just dont know when to stop! (it's always important to have a balance in everything you do, i've learnt that). the procedure took about 45 minutes and that's only for my right knee! i wasn't allowed to move because just like a camera, when taken in low light and if you move, then the image will be blurred, and that means, it has to be taken again.

i was quite nervous when i was in the MRI machine. it was really noisy! it felt like an alien invasion. the sounds of the machine was kinda like a flying saucer in the movies where it just hovers above you and.... it also had like a machine gun noise! and the "bed" vibrated!

the funniest thing was after the nurse said i couldn't move, not even a twitch, she put on Savage Garden, The Wanted as the background music! now how was i suppose to keep still? i was so tempted to tap my feet! hahahaah

but jokes aside, this procedure made a hole in my pocket. RM952 was the amount i had to pay. the result will be out on Wednesday (29/09/2012) and let's hope my ligaments and tendons are fine. (fingers crossed)

luv, me.i 

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  1. zura, zura..tu la..merempit sgt.....tambah lagi parut2 tu. ;)