Monday, November 5, 2012

post MRI...

so after doing the MRI, the results came back and it showed that i have a "partial patellar tendon tear". it tendon just below the knee-cap has a partial tear. thank mickey its not a major thing. all i needed was a cast. but me being me..i avoided it because it was gonna restrict my movements (duh! thats why its supposed to be casted).

i ended up not using the cast, but i made sure i didn't put pressure on my right knee. the doctor said it's ok, i just need to continue with my physio and after about a month from i can slowly start with light jogging. as for my scars, it's ugly! but im putting mederma for now.

to be honest, i really cannot wait to start playing again!

love, me.

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  1. wow... i know how it feels like to hav an ugly scar.. i have it at my elbow ... and till now i only wear long sleeve... sob sob. :(