Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i know my birthday was like a week ago but i feel like sharing with you about the surprise my sister and a friend did for me. after work, on my birthday, i was taken to TGIF in Sunway Pyramid. since it was my birthday i guess i was allowed to order anything. im a small eater, so that day i decided to order a steak! besides i haven't had them since forever, only because im too lazy to eat it...because i always get too tired to chew the meat! it's always a task for me to eat a piece of steak...sigh.

so did i finish the steak this time you might ask?? YES I DID!! well i kinda kept feeding my friend some of my steak. hehehe but i did finish it. my plate was clean! and oopps! i forgot to take a picture! and after the lovely meal, i was given a big bowl of ice cream from TGIF!


before we left the restaurant, the staff at TGIF did their usual cheer and what surprised me was they knew my name! i didn't even tell them my name!!

 the girls were so sweet...but of course all of them were fan's of Disney Buzz!! duuuh?!

                                                  yes, that's me feeling very shy :P

the next day went by as normal. went to work at Redfm and after that, my sister took me out on a special dinner date. it was really nice. we went to Garibaldi restaurant in bangsar. it was an all girls dinner but unfortunately my younger sister couldn't join us because she had to work in KLIA. so it was just my sister, nadia and i at dinner.

when i got there, i had asked for reservations under my sisters' name but the waitress said "ah yes, for 10 people". i was like, wait a minute...10 people? i don't think so? i called my sister and asked, the restaurant was actually on the upper level. D'OH!

we all had different meals, i remembered having the cod fish and dang it was yummy. we had a good dinner and conversations.  the chef actually came out to give me a special treat and to wish me happy birthday..

it was really nice to just go out with only girls and not have guys around. while we were waiting for our bill to come, from out of nowhere, the boys came!!! they walked in with a birthday song and i got embarrassed! i was surprised no doubt, but shy because the place where we had dinner was very quite!

so it was all planned!! and remember the "table for 10" reservation?? yea, it was actually the correct reservation but only for the after dinner party!

we went down to the bar, and i was so touched when my family, including DJ Nadji at Gari Bar sang a birthday song and the cake on the table was home-made, baked by nadia... she made 3 strawberry cheese-cakes! i gave 1 to the waiters and waitresses at the bar.

and so the party began and what i love about the place that night, there was nobody there!! we hogged the dance floor and we managed to do our silly dance moves, music video moves and break-dance moves! couldn't take that many photos coz i was too busy having sooo much fun! hahaha, but here are some anyways..

                                                  crazy moves that only we can do :p

and i was so happy coz my baby brother joined in the fun. he has been so busy studying for his exams to be a pilot with MAS, so to see him there made me feel special :)

                                                                  my baby brother

                                                     the four siblings out of seven

here are the gifts i received from my family! :P

                                                                     from kak ina
                                                                      from nadia

                                                                      from cris


luv, me.


  1. Hi Cik Azuraaaa! I skrg dah start utk baca ur blogggg. I sukaaaaa.;). I wish all the best in carrier u as a dj now. Every ptg on the way back from work mmg i akan dgr u. U kalau gelak soundsss funny. Hahahaha! Cutenessss! I wish i dapat jumpa u one fine dayyyy. Pleaseeeee.;)))