Sunday, February 12, 2012

Im on REDFM 104.9 (4pm-8pm) EVERYDAY!

remember the secret i told you about on my post dated 19/1/2012??? well, the cat is out of the bag. If you haven't already know, I will be teaming up with the OG from Redfm, Terry, everyday!!

"Spunky deejays Terry Ong and Azura Zainal will ease listeners through rush hour with upbeat music and their funky personalities from 4pm to 7pm on The Red Fix." - thestaronline.

im very excited to start on REDFM as a radio announcer but nervous at the same time. job starts tomorrow, 13 Feb 2012 :D. i guess its kinda normal to have that kinda feeling...i've done radio before (with another station) and it was quite an experience, but my time on air only lasted 7 months because of my TV Presenting commitments.

to be honest, the nerves of going to the office and having a fixed schedule is getting to me! it's like going back to school and the last time i went to school was 14 years ago!! (dang! didn't realise its been that long!). TV Presenting/Hosting is second nature to me. im used to going out-station and work for weeks, sometimes months, depending on what shows i do, and coming back having my days off accordingly...but now, its a whole new ball-game and im ready for it! ready to kick some butts! :p

so you better make sure you have REDFM 104.9 preset on your radio and tune in to Terry and I on THE RED FIX everyday! :P you are more than welcome to tweet, fb and call me on radio k!

love, me.

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