Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

february is a happy month for me...its been quite hectic. firstly, i started my job with RED fm in this month. secondly, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! woohoo! hehehehe

birthdays are quite quiet for me and my family...yes we do celebrate it but its only just amongst us. every time when its someone's birthday the whole bunch of us would gather and go out for dinner. when we were kids, KFC was THE spot! if you remember, in subang there used to be a kfc at the corner headed towards the federal highway?? yea! that kfc had the best playground, it had an aero-plane for a  slide and my brother and i including my cousins would hog that slide and pretended we were the pilots and acted as if we were gonna crash and stuff..ahhh the good old times..i miss my childhood.

throughout the day (22/2) i had been receiving a lot of birthday messages on fb, twitter and sms. i always get emotional when that happens coz i never got used to the fact that people would take their time to bother to wish me a happy birthday. earlier that day i tried my hardest to reply to every birthday message i could before i went to work but i had to put the white flag out coz the message kept pouring in!! so im sorry if i didn't manage to reply to every single one of you but i do wanna say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all the love!

my first birthday gift was a bouquet of flowers that was sent personally to my home at 6.50am! and the second gift i got was from Terry. it was so sweet of him to go out of his way to get me something considering i've only known him for 7 days! he got me this..

                                                                      hmm flowers...

                                                                    Kiehls Lip Gloss

i couldn't stop smiling...and i was a happy camper :p

                                      playing around after The Red Fix with Mynn & Fiqrie


luv, me.

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  1. love to listen to your show.. u and terry are great and awesome partner..keep up the good work ya :) btw, happy belated bufday ya