Friday, May 20, 2011

oh no! not again!

Today is the second day of rafting in Sungai Selangor, KKB. I’m still feeling a little scared, but not as bad as yesterday, probably because I know what’s gonna hit me! The reason we are re-shooting the rafting bit again is because some of the shots taken yesterday were soft and not up to standards.

So we started the day by going straight to the big rapids, the first one was “1st Canyon”, this time the water level slightly more than yesterday, so we got splashed really bad but all managed to stay in the raft except the camera got wet, but thankfully it didn’t go into the plastic bag. Then came the “Chicken Drop”, the rapids looked scary. Here we had to stop and shoot some bits of Abak doing his job, like checking and analyzing the rapids. After that, we braved through the rapids, and thankfully again everyone was safe from being thrown off the rapids.

Then I realized, we were not going to do any stunts, that’s why we were “safe”… but I must say the last big rapid scared me and it’s called “2nd Canyon”. It has 2 drops, full force of water rushing into every corner of the big bolders. Abak said as long as we don’t get thrown off on the first drop, we would be fine. Sheeesh! Obviously I got even more scared! But I told myself, I just needed to be brave! As long as we listen to Abak’s instructions we will be fine. So then we went for it and phew! Was I a happy girl when we managed to conquer that rapid!

But it did feel a lil less adventurous when you don’t capsized, so I told Abak the last rapid we should just go for it and make ourselves capsize and we did! It was really fun.

I totally enjoyed this rafting trip. Sungai Selangor is so different from other places I’ve been before. It’s quite close to KL so you can just do a day trip with your friends. If you do have plans to come here, look for Abak to be your river guide. He’s really fun and friendly and knows his stuff!

Love, me!

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