Friday, May 20, 2011

need a sweater??

Finally we have reached Cameron Highlands to continue our shoot for Langit dan Bumi. In my 30 years of living, this is my 2nd time here and both times has been for work. I feel sad, how i never took the time to explore my beautiful country. Malaysia has soooo much to offer, we just need to take the time and do a lil research on places of interested.

Anyway, this time i get the 5 star treatment, so that means i get everything expensive..hehehehehooo!! Right now im staying in the old British Colonial house, Ye Old Smoke House. How i wish i owned one of these houses! I feel like im in the 18th century. I just feel like talking with an English accent! i cant help it!!

We haven't started that's good! i can now catch up on my sleep. we have been shooting like crazy when we were in Penang. As for now, im just happy i have an internet connection so i can tell you about whats been happening with me. :p 
Till the next one, toodles!


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  1. Zura, take some pix of old British Colonial house can ah? seems like I never seen it before.