Monday, October 13, 2014



It's time for me to tell you about this awesome series. I believe that when it comes to facial products, results can only take place in 3-4 weeks...well that's just my opinion.  Like I have mentioned previously on my skin is very picky, so I am quite careful when I try on new products.

So I have been given the Algenist with Alguronic Acid :-

1) Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturiser

2) Concentrated Reconstructive Serum

3) Complete Eye Renewal Balm

I have been using this just over 3 weeks and I love it. My skin feels like its always moisturised. After putting on make-up, I noticed that my face is not as oily. Normally I would have to blot it, but now, it's much better. It also makes my skin supple and soft.

The texture is so smooth like silk, especially the Eye Renewal Balm and the fact that it's quite light make them ACE in my books! And I'm talking about all 3 of the above.

The Eye Renewal Balm is my favourite! I have been quite consistent with the products (normally i would skip my beauty regime...really!) because I am that serious in wanting to give you good news about the products.

Having good skin is important and finding the right product is crucial. I am very happy with the results right now. It 's a good thing I have a small face, so this can last me a while! hahahaha :)

Luv, me.

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