Monday, July 21, 2014

Sephora Beaute Box - All-In-One Nourishing to toe beautifier :)

OK! Let's re-visit the benefit of oil for our skin :

Let's see...

- it helps boost radiance
- minimise wrinkles and fine lines
- improve shine for hair
- help the skin and hair retain moisture and stay hydrated all day
- and so much more!!

Overall, I have very dry skin, the kind that needs the help of a Dermatologist. I have eczema (thank goodness its not the serious kind). Nothing from off the shelves products in the pharmacy actually do anything for my dry skin.

But, i just wanna tell you about this All-In-One Nourishing Oil.. head to toe beautifier... 

I have been using it for 2 weeks now. I apply it after shower and yes, I love the smell! Even if it doesn't really do much for my skin, but i find it very useful when i'm out and about and couldn't get back in time to freshen up, this baby actually does the trick! I just spray it all over my arms and legs, and BOOMZ! it gives my an awesome glow!

This two-stage oil conquers all cosmetic feats thanks to a combination of two ultra-nourishing oils,
Baobab oil and Jojoba oil: it nourishes, smoothes, moisturizes and beautifies the skin. This do-it-all product can also be used for your hair and face too!

This oil only cost RM49, affordable if you ask me. Perfect for girls who are always on the "GO". You don't have to carry so many different kinds of products in your bag anymore. This baby is all you need, top to toe beautifier. SWEET!

Try it and let me know what you think :)

luv, me. 

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