Sunday, March 31, 2013

himalaya - ayurslim capsules

so i finally started on this himalaya ayurslim capsules. if you've read my last entry, you would know what this capsules do...ok la, it's a slimming pill. :P

I started last monday which was 6 days ago. the first day i took the pills, 2 in the morning and 2 at night, i did a frequent visit to the little girls room....3 times to be exact! So if you're going to try this out, make sure the first day is the day you are at home so you can have easy access to the toilet (but symptoms can be different).

it almost like it detoxified me for the first day but on the second day i was back to normal. I did feel a little difference like i had no craving for food as much. if its not lunch or dinner, i didn't feel like eating AND i get full quicker. it's great isn't it?!

but, this whole week, i have been taking the pill without working out and im seeing the difference in my eating habits... so starting tomorrow (1/4/2013) i will take the pills and workout at the same time and see what kind of results i'm going to get.

i must say, so far im liking this capsules...even though i find it really hard for me to swallow it! ( i have phobia for pills). my mission is to finish 1 bottle and try to get rid of my "love-handles" hehehehe...

luv, me.


  1. Thank for the post!! Proper Weight Loss Diets and Exercise with herbal weight loss pills are beneficial to improve your Current Situation of obesity in Health and Fitness

  2. I love the Himalaya Brand.... I've used the skincare for men... and was kinda curious about this pill... have read review about it online... still thinking, should i, should i not? but i do want to detox more... errrr.

    SHOULD I? hehehe.... reading this post makes me feel like i should give it a try....