Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be Slim with Himalaya AyurSlim

Hey you guys!! How have you been?? Hope all is well with you! Guess what! Last week, i was called to check out Himalaya's latest product, the "AYURSLIM". As many of may you know, i am an active person and looking after my body is something very close to me, although sometimes i do get naughty and lazy to workout and such! hehehehe..

So this new product "AYURSLIM" is not like your any other sliming pills. Because its herbal made, the process  obviously will take slightly longer. Be reminded that when you take any form of slimming pill, you must include your exercise and workout schedule in it. C'mon, you cant lose it without putting any work to it....right?

Same goes with Himalaya's "AYURSLIM", when you start taking the pill, you need to compliment it with some exercise and drinking loadsa water is required too!

What it does is : - 
1) Limits fat production
- burns up fat cells and stops fat formation

2) Reduces craving for sugar ( that's helpful because its so difficult to cut down on sugar! )

3) Reduces excess cholesterol

4) It detoxifies body and has bowel cleansing action ( so if you have trouble going to the toilet, this certainly will do the trick!)

5) Blocks absorption of sugar

This pill has no reported side effects and its the safest way for you to get your ideal weight. But please remember to consult your doctor first before taking any form of pills!!

So, I am gonna give this a go and will get back to you in a couple of weeks!

luv, me.

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