Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Ultrabook #Intel Core i7

i got the new ultrabook with intel core i7 inside and man its awesome. i like the fact that its light so its easy for me to take it anywhere, it weighs less than 1.5kg! perfect whenever i go for my shoot especially when i go and do my travel/adventure show x-plorasi.

it turns on really quick, less than 20 secs (i actually counted hehehe) and whenever it goes to "sleep", you can wake it up in approximately 5 seconds! now that's important when you're in a rush to present/show something to people.

i also took it in the studio at RED fm. 1 thing i noticed about the ultrabook is that, the battery life is not long enough. if you were to use straight for 3 hours (without using the charger), you will be sure to have 4-5% of battery left BUT it's not the end of the world when that happens. i mean you have to remember that it is different from your "normal" laptop, i dont think its meant for you to work on it for long straight hours. i thinks its more for presentations and as a quick working tool that has a powerful engine to it.

look at it!! it's so sleek and sexy! heheheheh

just so you know,  im just a simple user who keeps photos and maybe do a bit of editing here and there and so i dont have any qualms with this ultrabook.  to me, it fits with what i do and also helps me create a faster presentation :P

love, me.

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