Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh how i miss school days

when my sister aka my manager told me that a student from assunta wanted to interview me for their school yearbook, i quickly said YES!

my interviewer was divania...a final year student at assunta pj. we agreed to meet at nando's tropicana city mall because it would be easier for me to go to work. it was on the 11th of April and it was an important day because a) Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah installation b) it was my sisters' birthday (syazana) c) it was a holiday! (but not for me)

we got there at about the same time so i ordered my food but i was disappointed divania didn't have lunch, she only had chips :( but it's ok. so she started asking me questions about school and man did it bring back memories..back in the day when i was in the cheer-leading team, i was the VP of rumah jingga and that was the year we were the grand champion of hari sukan! the times where i was the olahragawati for 2 consecutive years and many more!! gosh i just wanna go back and visit my school. i heard that sri aman will soon have a swimming pool! why couldn't we have that when i was in school?? i could've been a great swimmer! hahah

 the funny thing was, throughout the interview, divania thought i was an assuntarian when in fact i was a sri amanian! in history these 2 schools has always been and apparently still in a "silent competition". i guess some things just don't change hehehe.

i then found out that the assunta year book will be in a dvd instead! so awesome! can't wait to get a copy of my own. after the interview was done, i was given this recycled notebook made by them!! its too cute (i'm a sucker for packaging and i love stationary)




  1. I kept reading and reading... and thinking and thinking... WHAT? you are in Assunta? Everything that you mentioned was being a Sri Amanian!! :D I had that same question: why all the best things comes only after we left?
    Can't turn back time but I enjoyed every moment of my study life there ;)

  2. hahahahaah!! yes im a sri amanian! i guess when you enjoy school, you'd miss it. i do know of some people who doesnt miss school at all :P