Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today has been a day of pain for me. My neck still hasn't healed! So i decided to go to the chiropractor and do acupuncture. You see the thing was, i had gone for a massage at REBORN Massage Center. You know how they have people from China to do the massage? So anyway, to cut a long story short, I told them to just do a massage for an hour. But after the lady massaged me for 1/2 hour (it was so sakit!), she started talking to me and obviously i couldn't understand her, so i just said "OK" to everything. The next thing i knew, I had suction cups on my shoulder! I wish i knew how to add pictures to my blog so you can see it :(

Anyway, the massage didn't help. So, today, when i was at the acupuncture place, the doctor said that one of my neck disc has been dislocated, due to the massage yesterday. It got worst! The Doctor massaged me for 1/2 hour first to identify my problem, and believe it or not, i cried!!!!! i normally can handle pain, but this time, i just couldn't take it. The doctor panicked! hahaha. My sister was there too! Kak Ina told him, if Azura cries, that means it's very painful.

When the massage was done, he started the acupuncture. I had 11 needles stuck in me. it was painful in the beginning and when he twist the needle. Then it got numb. He left it there for 30minutes. I had my face down and because i was crying, i had hingus coming out!hahahahaha sorry for being disgusting! Again i really wish i could show you the picture kak ina took.

As of now, its hard to tell if i feel better or not because my neck muscle is still sore, he re-aligned my spine and neck. U should have heard the cracking sounded like the bubble wrap..."Pap Pap Pap". He said my tendon is torn, so he asked me to take pain killers or muscle relaxen to ease the pain.

I have taken 2 muscle relaxen pills, and my neck is more relaxed now, that's why i can write my blog. :).

If my neck still hurts when i wake up, then i have to come in again tomorrow. I pray that my neck will get better before i leave for Boracay on Wednesday!

Please pray that i get better soon :) thanks!!

Got to rest my neck now..good night

Love love!


  1. it must be really painful. Take a rest and hope everything will be alright.

  2. uwwww!that hurts...
    if i go through that,i'll do the same too!x tahan until nk NANGES!
    take a rest then kak zura ;)

    ::Alia ;)

  3. get well soon k??
    put sum pics wen ur free!!=))

  4. Oww, mesti sakit kena urut then kena urut lagi sekali kan??

    Kalau nak post pictures, tekan jer tab yang ada gambar macam pemandangan tuh... Next to 'Link' then boleh upload ^^

    Get well soon!!!